Choosing the Right Features for Your Gas Outdoor Fireplace


Adding a gas outdoor fireplace instantly transforms any gathering into an event. The number one requested design feature according to the American Society of Landscape Architects, fire pits add ambiance, comfort, and function at an amazingly affordable price. It’s essential, howevever, to take your time in selecting the right product for your outdoor living space to ensure lasting happiness with your investment. What things should you be on the lookout for when fireplace shopping?

The Burner of Your Gas Pit is an Essential Feature
A UL Listed, safety tested burner is central to the operation and safety of your gas fire burner. It ensures a stress-free lighting experience, clean burn, and safe operation. Integral in set-ups exposed to outside elements, opting for high-grade stainless steel construction safeguards longevity and minimizes rust. You may also wish to consider a sunken burner, which offers the advantages of added wind protection, extra safety distance, and prevents the edges of the pan from overheating.


For convenience, you may wish to look beyond manual/match-lit systems, to more convenient and consistent spark and electronic push-button ignition styles. Investing in a system with a dependable ignition will ensure longstanding happiness with your purchase.


Choosing Between Gas & Propane
Propane costs slightly less to burn, at around $2 and change each time you light up, however propane models may require regular cleaning. Natural gas, on the other hand, costs a bit more, at about $5 per 2-hour fire, but requires less maintenance.


Pit Construction
The surface of your pit will also affect your fire, with high glossed metals like stainless steel offering reflection and enhancing the flame. Glass also offers this reflectivity, but must be tempered to ensure safety. For those looking to cook over their gas fireplace, ensure a food-compliant rating, and keep cooking in mind when choosing media, which could be effected. Some fireplace models – and media – may not be cooking compatible.  

Fire Pit Media
For the ultimate in ambiance, tempered glass beads are not only beautiful, but safeguard clean burning – provided you use the right amount. Follow manufacturer instructions for recommended fill levels, as piling up this material can cause soot accumulation, complicating ignition.


Ready to make new memories with a gas outdoor fireplace? Discover your perfect backyard centerpiece. Visit Fireplace Warehouse ETC today.


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