Why a Gas Grill is Better than Charcoal

Since the dawn of grilling, the charcoal versus gas grill debate has been a heated one. However objectively and scientifically, gas grills offer incontrovertible benefits…


Why Does Gas Leave Charcoal in the Dust?

  • A convenient time saver.
    You can’t beat flipping a switch and cooking. Useful on weeknights when fast, fuss-free meals save the day, choosing a gas versus charcoal grill three times a week over the course of the summer will save you an entire day!
  • Faster fire-up/cool-down times.
    Charcoal takes 30 minutes minimum to reach temperature, waiting for no one when it’s time to cook. With gas, however, turn a knob and you’re cooking in 10 minutes or less. Turn it again, and you’re done – no waiting for coals to burn out.
  • Reliable temperature control.
    With infrared technology, gas grills offer a wider temperature range than ever-before, from low warming temps to a searing 1,800 degrees F (and back again). Dial it in and walk away. Temperatures are easily and consistently controlled, unlike highly variable charcoal, where coal amounts, stacking, wind, and weather can vastly alter temperature consistency.
  • Amazing flavor.
    According to industry food science tome Modernist Cuisine, “Carbon is carbon; as it burns, it imparts no flavor of its own to the food being grilled.” Flavor of grilled food comes from drippings alone – not fuel. Once ignited, complex new particles are created, rising to infuse meat.
  • Lower cost.
    Over the long-run, investing in a charcoal grill will cost you more, due to the expense of coal. Gas costs much less per cookout, and won’t leave you feeling like you’re wasting fuel by not taking advantage of every iota of heat charcoal gives off.
  • Greener & cleaner.
    Unlike charcoal, which produces a host of combustion by-products, natural gas and propane burn more cleanly, producing mostly water vapor and carbon dioxide.


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